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S3Infinity's Digital Transformation Consulting: Unlocking New Business Value Faster and at Lower Risk.

S3Infinity's digital transformation consulting service helps organizations leverage technology to unlock new business value, focusing on delivering products and services to market faster and at lower risk. In addition to technology choices, S3Infinity's consulting services evaluate an organization's social structure, including people, ways of working, and organizational structure, to help deliver better customer experiences and achieve better business outcomes through technology. This approach recognizes that digital transformation consulting is a socio-technical endeavor rather than a technology implementation.

  • S3Infinity’s approach connects teams’ ideas with open source communities’ best practices and tools.
  • Addressing socio-technical challenges to unlock business value, not just technology.
  • Over 100 field-tested open practices to establish high-performing teams, including social contracts, pair programming, and cultivating transparency, psychological safety, and trust.
  • Adaptive framework to meet challenges and establish a healthy cadence between thinking and doing.

When to Choose Us

Accelerating Digital Transformation with Open Technologies

Organizations that can quickly offer innovative digital services have a competitive edge in today's digital age. However, many leaders need help determining where to begin their digital transformation journey. At S3Infinity, we can help by connecting your teams with open technologies, such as automation, hybrid cloud infrastructure, containers, and application development. Our experts have deep experience in open-source communities and can guide your teams toward the best practices and tools for achieving your digital transformation goals. By leveraging these open technologies, your organization can keep pace with evolving IT environments and deliver new digital services quickly and efficiently.

Encouraging Innovative Behaviors through Open Culture

S3Infinity understands the significance of cultivating innovation in achieving successful digital transformation. We aim to enable organizations to create an innovative culture that fosters creativity, experimentation, and learning, ultimately achieving better business outcomes. We prioritize open culture, recognizing that addressing contemporary business challenges requires new organizational principles, models, and dynamics. Our team works closely with leaders to re-envision their approach to handling data, failure, team structure, and goal-setting.

Accelerating Business Value Delivery with Open Processes

Accelerating the delivery of real business value is a critical aspect of digital transformation. At S3Infinity, we understand there is no one-size-fits-all approach to addressing business challenges. Scaling organizational frameworks to effect real change can be challenging. However, by combining key technologies with open practices, we can help organizations break down barriers, migrate away from legacy systems, teach DevOps practices, reduce technical debt, and achieve other goals.

Why to Choose Us

Digitalization and Automation

S3Infinity’s digital transformation services help clients modernize and automate their business processes, replacing slow and error-prone manual workflows with digital systems. Our comprehensive approach combines digitalization and automation (D&A) with cognitive process automation and intelligent business operations, leading to better communication, personalized experiences, data-driven decision-making, and improved regulatory compliance.

Digital Experience

The objective of S3Infinity’s Suite for Integrated Customer Experience is to provide customers with a seamless experience across multiple channels. This suite achieves this by simplifying the navigation of information and decision-making processes, which, in turn, enhances and revolutionizes customer-facing processes such as e-commerce, digital marketing, customer service, BPM, collaboration, and enterprise content at every touchpoint


S3Infinity integrates various applications at the front and back end, transforming legacy systems into future-ready ones. Our Agile and DevOps methodologies ensure fast deployment, delivering value to businesses. We specialize in commercial Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and Open Source products for Application Integration, EDI/B2B, SOA, API, and Cloud Integration..

Digital Platform

S3Infinity’s Digital Experience Platform provides an integrated service for personalized user experiences across all channels, resulting in faster wins and lower costs. It utilizes top product tools to achieve cost advantages across traditionally siloed channels. The platform has an “As a Service” offering for themes including Experience, Commerce, Content, and Automation. It also provides solutions for Customer Onboarding, Collaborative Care, Marketer, Site Rollout, and others. Advanced technologies such as Linguistics, Automation, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Social, and Predictive Analytics are utilized to achieve various applications.

Dedicated IT Experts

Our experts hold certificates in various IT areas to confirm their qualifications and professional skills

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